I need an anarchist vibe like I need a hole in the head.

black eye small gene callahan dot orgWell, it seems (according to Raymond.Fuller@EconomicsDaily.com) that Gene Callahan just lacked the proper “Anarcho-Capitalist Vibe“.

I guess anarchism means never having to say you’re sorry.

My 2¢ in 2 seconds: yes, government interventionism increases petty crime; yes the minimum wage reduces low-skilled employment and therefore reduces entry-level on-the-job training; no, that doesn’t let a mugger off the hook; yes, I’d still be willing to shoot him in the head.

(Oh, and no I wouldn’t have talked back, would have tried to avoid trouble, etc. — going armed means an extra personal responsibility to avoid all confrontations, since any confrontation is potentially lethal — but there’s a definite risk here of blaming the victim while making anti-statist excuses for the actual, individual initiators of force.)

I’m quite willing to blame the State for crime in the statistical aggregate, but I insist on blaming individual criminals for individual crimes. There’s no contradiction there, and in fact any other position is ultimately incoherent.


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