all apologies

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Last night, TS greeted me in IM by saying “holla” …

I thought he’d said “hola” and so I responded with “que pasa” (actually, I responded by misspelling the pasa in que pasa but let’s not get side-tracked here).

He pointed out that he had greeted me with the African-Americanism (and therefore the young Caucasian derivative) of holla as in holler as in “holler back, negro!” or as in “HOLLA BACK HUEY!”

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See, in the NYC of my youth, white people imitating black people was considered quite pass�. What was hip was for white people to imitate Puerto Ricans.

But anyway, Mr. S said, “You’re so old and dusty.”

I know, I know: he meant it in the nicest possible way, which was exactly how I took it, and even if he had meant it in an unkind way, it’s still true. No argument here.

In fact, I’m so so old and dusty, that I don’t even know who Darius Rucker is. He’s Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish. They’re not exactly here-and-now, are they? They’re from the 1990s. I was already old and dusty enough in the 1990s (during part of which time, I was 20-something) that I don’t know who’s Hootie or who are the Blowfish.

So nevermind my question about the singing black cowboy and the TV commercial. I found the answer here, at


One Response to all apologies

  1. Tim Swanson says:

    For those of you that watch TV, VH1 has a cool nostalgic series called “I Love The ’90s” — they poke fun at Hootie and the Blowfish.

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