soupe thaï de poissons

It’s been a while since I blogged a recipe. After I started the current vast editorial project for a certain Misesian institute, I’ve felt somewhat lax in my ongoing domestic duties. But I had an unexpected, last-minute visit from some semi-foreign relatives this past weekend, and they seemed surprised and impressed at the presentability of my humble abode. I guess I’m a better house husband than I realize.

Meanwhile, the wife wants me to blog about fish soup. One reason I’ve hesitated is that the first ingredient is a Taste of Thai product, which feels like cheating. The product in question is the Coconut Ginger Soup Base, which I use to fry the catfish (or talapia or orange ruffy) for this soup.

My soup is a fishy variant of the Coconut Ginger Chicken Soup recipe offered on the site.

First, I mix a cup of white cooking wine (which is already quite salty) with 2-4 cups of vegetable broth. Into this, I dump a pound of tailless, deveined frozen shrimp.

In a pan, I’m frying in olive oil a chopped red onion and some other vegetable which I haven’t yet settled on. Last night it was celery. I use a carrot peeler to add a whole bunch of fresh ginger to this mix. When it’s all brown, I dump it into the pot of broth-and-shrimp.

I slice some more fresh ginger into a pan of olive oil and the Taste of Thai base. I slice up the catfish (or talapia or orange ruffy) and add it to the sizzling pan, mixing it all until brown. Then I pour in a can of coconut milk, mix it all up and dump it into the rest of the soup pot.

I add a load of black pepper and simmer the concoction for the next several hours. (Hint: you can’t add too much fresh ginger.)

The missus brought home a baguette last week which neither of us loved. Instead of throwing away the stale baton the next day, I cut it up and fried it in a pan of olive oil with salt and pepper. This has provided us with homemade croutons for the several experiments I’ve made with this ginger/coconut/fish formula.

I tried one version with crab meat and didn’t love it. I tried one version with potatoes and didn’t love it. The celery has been good.


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  1. Dude, you want a good frickin’ recipe? Try < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Chicken Big Mamou Pasta<>. It’s slap-your-mama good.

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