Who are your heroes?

“Whether you like it or not, to most people — including me — it doesn’t represent Communism, or Cuban concentration camps, or state socialist regimes. It represents a revolutionary spirit.”

“Washington and Jefferson and Lee (and John Carter of Mars) were REBELS. Try to keep this straight, m’kay?” [link added by me]

I can’t wait to get this T-shirt! — me


3 Responses to Who are your heroes?

  1. Vache Folle says:

    It is fascinating to observe the clashes and negotiation over symbols. Typically, someone declares a symbol to be offensive for some reason or another, eg Confederate Battle Flag as symbol of racism, or Che as symbol of socialistic repression. Then someone else points out a diferent interpretation, and the game is afoot. The argument almost always devolves into a standoff with each side presenting its interpretation as the only true and universal meaning of the symbol. What would it take to rehabilitate the Confederate Battle Flag or to render some generally acceptable symbol, such as the Celtic cross, unacceptable? I remember seeing a beautiful Miwok ceremonial gown on display at the cultural center in Yosemite. There was also a picture of the same gown being worn in the 1930s. In the 1930s photo, the gown was adorned with swastikas, an important motif in Miwok symbolism; however, the 1990s version of the gown had no swastikas as they had apparently been removed and replaced with some other needlework and beadwork in the interim. Could anyone seriously believe that the swastika was a Nazi symbol in this context?

  2. Tim Swanson says:

    Yea, I actually gave one of my students a hard time for wanting to play “Rage Against The Machine” in weight lifting class. I told them I wouldn’t allow a group of hypocrites to pervade the speaker system. He tried to give me a hard time in return but didn’t have much to say. Additionally, it turns out he’s one of those anti-man men.

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