sexy anti-lefties

There’s a strange feature article over at

“The Right’s Left Turn”

What’s strange about it is that in attacking Lew Rockwell’s “left turn” the author quotes the best of Lew Rockwell, revealing Rockwell’s Austro-libertarianism to be steadfast and principled, while the article writer’s own prose ranges from regime-partisan to soporific.

Much more interesting was the T-shirt advertisement that accompanied the article. (Shown above.)

I love the Mises and Rothbard shirts for sale at the Mises Store, but they don’t quite have the same sex-appeal. (Or am I confusing packaging and contents?)

So while the befuddled Right scratches its head over libertarian anti-war alliances, let’s take this opportunity to promote the anti-Left libertarianism that better fits my own esthetic:

Political Ts!

(Or should that read “Political Tease”?)

So here is one of my favorite sexy T-shirt models for the politically incorrect resistance.

(I welcome your nominations.)


3 Responses to sexy anti-lefties

  1. If she were a tyrannical president, she’d be Baberaham Lincoln.

  2. Vache Folle says:

    We always said in Georgia that atf was a shopping list for a party, not a gov’t agency.

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