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I was very excited by TS’s post to blog.mises called Learncasting: Educational Podcasts Por Gratis, but after following his links, I found only one podcast that interested me — HIST105 – Survey of Global History, Purdue University.

Silly me, I downloaded the whole semester before listening to the first ‘cast. It was inaudible. Sounded exactly like some student in the back of the auditorium had recorded a lecture with a bad mic and a professor who didn’t know how to speak up. You could hear the muffled coughs and creaking seats of students far better than the voice (let alone words) of the mumbling professor. Feh.

(No, it hasn’t improved over the sememster.)

But with some further probing, I found this site:

And through it, I found this site:
It looks like they’re just starting out. Thomas Paine, Frederick Douglass, and Frederic Bastiat!

A day after Thanksgiving, I give extra thanks (and a couple of bucks) to the noble souls at


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