gang of 4

Wally Conger once tried to pass to me the book meme. I failed. But he’s persistent. Now he’s passed me the Meme of Fours:

Four jobs I’ve had:

  1. daycamp assistant counselor (for 5-year-olds)
  2. fry cook (in the Boat House in Central Park, NYC)
  3. shotef sirim (“pot washer” on an Israeli kibbutz, where I also assembled furniture in a factory, picked avocados in the fields, scrubbed communal drains and toilets, and various other working class experiences during the tail end of my socialist idealism)
  4. Kelly Girl (office temp through Kelly Services)

Four movies I can watch over and over:

  1. Blade Runner
  2. Brazil (12 Monkeys, same director)r
  3. True Romance (Natural Born Killers, same writer)
  4. Pulp Fiction (Kill Bill(s), same writer, same director)

Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Manhattan
  2. outside Philadelphia
  3. Charlottesville, Virginia
  4. outside Philadelphia again (I can’t help it. I’ve only lived 3 different places.)

Four TV shows I love:

  1. Buffy
  2. Angel
  3. Firefly
  4. Farscape
  5. (Also on the DVD shelf: first season of Sopranos, first season of Larry Sanders, first season of The Office (British version), first two seasons of The Simpsons, first two seasons of King of the Hill, first two seasons of Futurama, all of Sports Night. Not on my shelf but ought to be: first season of Millennium, only season of My So-Called Life, only season of Freaks and Geeks.)

Four highly regarded and recommended TV shows I haven’t seen (much of):

  1. ER
  2. West Wing
  3. that one with whatshername as the US president
  4. [I can’t come up with a 4th. We do all our TV on DVD.]

Four places I’ve vacationed:

  1. Egypt
  2. Venice
  3. Scottish Highlands
  4. various B&Bs around Virginia

Four of my favorite dishes:

  1. Chow Mei Fun with beef (noodle bowl)
  2. Pad Thai (more noodles)
  3. flank steak
  4. haggis
  5. (I also like everything on Wally Conger’s list.)

Four sites I visit daily:

  1. (duh)

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  1. There’s no place like home!
  2. There’s no place like home!
  3. There’s no place like home!
  4. (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Four new bloggers I’m tagging:

  1. Choicy White Boy [update]
  2. iceberg [update]
  3. Anthony Gregory (who’s not really a blogger, so we’ll see how he responds) [update]
  4. anyone who regularly reads this blog and wishes someone would pass this thing to them…

2 Responses to gang of 4

  1. Tim Swanson says:

    “My So-Called Life”Were you wearing a skirt when you wrote that sentence?

  2. Anonymous says:

    kelly services is not a good place to work for.

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