cuddly commies

An interesting LRC article from Sweden today.

Read all about the cuddly socialist teddybear named Bamse, who teaches Swedish children (and apparently many children outside Sweden) that the Chinese Communists were benevolent saviors of the starving people, that capitalism is a form of stealing, and that actual stealing (e.g., a woman stealing from a toy store to give her children presents) is OK if it’s done for or by poor people.

The only issue I take with the article is the last line:

But if Bamse teaches us anything it is not to let our children read comics that have an underlying radical message hidden in them.

I plan to teach my son many radical messages (such as this one), and I’d love to have good comics to help me do so.

Given the number of articles that Nima Sanandaji has written for Lew Rockwell, I wouldn’t expect to have to point out to him that … not all radicalism is red!


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