more Austrian puns

Here’s the old “Austrian puns” post.

And here’s the latest comment from Scott Lahti:

And furthermore –

Thanks to my praxeologist’s
penchant for puissant-pun letters, I have another candidate in my series of improvised Austrian “word jazz” (apologies to Ken Nordine), the very incarnation of diminishing marginal utility: please allow me to introduce (not, per Sir “Rooster Lips” Jagger’s immortal Satan-sympathetic ditty, “myself” but) that poetic ornament of Stuart-age English letters –

Mary Wroth, Bard (1587?-1651?),

If in my further excavation of the catacombs of libertarian genealogy I discover that her formative tutors included war-torn exiles from the Habsburg court, and neo-Thomist divines, and that she had family ties to Dutch colonies along the Hudson and East Rivers, and their first wave of immigrant Sons of Israel, I shall bolt from the tub instanter, raising my Archimedean you-shrieka alarums thus in a New Amsterdam Minuit.*

*As for Hebraic orthodoxy within the C17 Netherlands proper, every philosophy major has read of how the Pharisees among Dutch Jewry Amsterdamned their fledgling philosopher-immortal-to-be as a heretic, declaring their Tabernacle a no-Spinozone layer unto eternity…worldy redemption came soon enough, though, as the ostracized Baruch/Benedict moved downtown and formed the indie lute-distortion band Sophic Youth…speaking of excommuniques, I think at this rate I’m due any minute to be added to the Index of Scriptorum Prohibitum by the Popes of Auburn…

You heard it here first, folks:

Mary Wroth, Bard
A gen-u-ine historical personage.

I take credit only for spreading the word …


One Response to more Austrian puns

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    I would fall short of my remit here in the precincts of Wroth bardian’s wordplay if I failed to note that in the October 1, 2010 issue of the venerable Times Literary Supplement of London, the following title is among those reviewed:

    Mary Sidney, Lady Wroth by Margaret P. Hannay

    The reviewer is one Helen Hackett.

    Which recalls an old bit from a Red Skelton concert:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we have received word from a Mrs. Helen Hunt that she has found a ladies’ purse – so ladies, if any of you has lost her purse this evening, you can go to Helen Hunt for it.”

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