Barron’s on Hoppe

Barron’s ($) recommends Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s book Economics and Ethics of Private Property among five books on its list of “page-turners on the dismal science”:

Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s dryly titled The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (von Mises Institute, 2006), is anything but dry. When Ludwig von Mises brought “Austrian School” economics to the U.S., the American Murray Rothbard became his worthy disciple. With Rothbard’s death in 1995, the German-born Hoppe, a professor of economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, became Rothbard’s most important disciple by far.

Hoppe’s writings are like a laser beam. The clarity and force of his arguments seemingly can’t fail to hit their targets. But be prepared for arguments that push you beyond your limits. For Hoppe is a Misesian of the Rothbardian kind: an anarcho-capitalist eager to convince you that anything useful that the state does, the market can do better — in fact, that the state so abuses its appointed roles, there is really no contest between the two. The intrigued should also try Rothbard’s own book, For a New Liberty (von Mises Institute, 1978, revised edition).

Update: TS “Movementarian”  points out that the author of this book review was interviewed at LvMI 6 years ago:
Austrian Watchdog at Barron’s:
An Interview with Gene Epstein


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