Let My People Go a little bit please

From Lew Rockwell’s “Society Needs No Managers”:

Imagine if Moses had sought the advice of Washington policy experts when seeking some means of freeing the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity.

They might have told him that marching up to the Pharaoh and telling him to “let my people go” is highly imprudent and pointless. The media won’t like it and it is asking for too much too fast. What the Israelites need is a higher legal standing in the courts, more market incentives, more choices made possible through vouchers and subsidies, and a greater say in the structure of regulations imposed by the Pharaoh. Besides, Mr. Moses, to cut and run is unpatriotic.

Instead Moses took a principled position and demanded immediate freedom from all political control — a complete separation between government and the lives of the Israelites. This is my kind of libertarian. Libertarianism is more correctly seen not as a political agenda detailing a better method of governance. It is instead the modern embodiment of a radical view that stands apart from and above all existing political ideologies.

Libertarianism doesn’t propose any plan for reorganizing government; it calls for the plan to be abandoned. It doesn’t propose that market incentives be employed in the formulation of public policy; it rather hopes for a society in which there is no public policy as that term in usually understood.


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