Wally Conger once gently chastised me for talking about growing old, but I’m going to do it again. I have no idea what this article is talking about:

“The birth of Foho”

Like Medea in her fury, last summer Sienna Miller destroyed Boho, the bohemian look she had created and made her own: “I feel less hippy,” she lamented to American Vogue. “I just don’t want to wear anything floaty or coin-belty ever again. No more gilets, or cowboy boots. There are 12-year-olds wearing exact replicas of my mother’s Moroccan belt.”

I don’t know what “foho” is; I don’t know what “boho” is; I don’t know who Sienna Miller is….

I do know who Medea was. And I found this page by following a link from the article (via LRC) on how “Alexander the Great had ‘Mother Nature’ on his side when he conquered the island fortress of Tyre in 332 BC,” but “low-slung belts, tiered gipsy skirts and straw cowboy hats”? Not a word.

I know who “Kate Moss, and style-mongers from Elle Macpherson to the Olsen twins” are, but I have no idea what is being referred to in this sentence: “Few of us were sorry to kiss goodbye to what had turned into an identikit head-to-toe look.”


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