"socialization" and mainstream society

Original image here: http://www.pkmeco.com/images/socialize.jpg

(via Po Moyemu)


2 Responses to "socialization" and mainstream society

  1. Olivia says:

    Public schooling shouldn’t be portrayed as such a negative effect on the mind of an individual, I go to one of the best public high schools in the nation, and I find that my school offers many more opportunities to branch out than homeschooling does.

  2. Ellen Hindman says:

    To Olivia:

    While I respect your right to an opinion I do challenge it. Many homeschoolers have tried public school and found that homeschooling offers them the best options, while MOST public schoolers have NEVER tried homeschooling, but only go on what they’ve seen from a distance, or been told through the grape vine which is often negatively biased and lacking in accuracy.

    Therefore, the odds are very unlikely that you could correctly assess if public school “offers many more opportunities to branch out than homeschooling does,” unless you had tried them both for yourself. If you have not tested both, than your opinion is nothing more than a hypothesis or theory.

    I’ve had my children in both public school and homeschool and, through personal experience, I’ve found that the opportunities to branch out through homeschooling are unlimited–bound only by our imaginations–whereas my highly intelligent children had very few options for branching out in the public school system. On the contrary, the public school system was holding them back and stunting their intellectual growth and development, even as they attended award-winning schools. We found the limits public school imposed on our children to be much too constraining, which is exactly why we chose to homeschool instead, because of the freedom it gave my children to “branch out” to their hearts’ desire.

    Contrary to your theory about homeschooling my opinion is factual, stemming from solid experience in having tried both public school and homeschool.

    Seeing as your post is four years old and you’re very likely out of high school now, I’m posting this response for the sake of others who might stumble across this discussion, just as I did while searching for a link to the cartoon. Speaking from experience, this cartoon is indeed a very accurate portrayal and one I plan on sharing with many for that very reason.

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