environmentalism can be deadly

Via Walter Block:

“Malaria: Anti-DDT Policies Are Deadly.”

by Thompson Ayodele and Adegoke Anthony, Lagos

Last year, one of our colleagues, his wife and their two children were diagnosed with malaria. In an instant, their lives were turned upside down, and all other priorities and plans were postponed. The new priority was getting better — and simply staying alive.

For countless families in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, this horrible drama is repeated over and over, year after year. Over 300 million Africans get malaria — and up to 1 million of our children die from it — every year.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, in countries that no longer have malaria, environmentalists were celebrating the 100th birthday of Rachel Carson, whose book Silent Spring helped launch the environmental activist movement and get the repellent-insecticide DDT banned nearly all over the world. Were she still alive, she would have witnessed the countless family tragedies that this ban helped cause and probably would have been appalled by them.

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See also: “The Spring is Silent on DDT” by Lew Rockwell


4 Responses to environmentalism can be deadly

  1. cbfox says:


    “The hidden hand behind this horror is none other than the environmentalists. The frenzy against DDT launched their movement. It is what emboldened them, and gave their political agenda momentum. In some ways, their campaign against DDT perfectly sums up their political bent: using state power to ban products and services that help humans, and thereby cause history to roll backward.”

    …is pure ad hominem. It suggests that individuals who call themselves “environmentalists” (which is a loaded term, regardless) are nefariously interested in taking actions that *deliberately* harm others.

    Clearly, environmentalists who pushed for the ban on DDT *believed it was bad for humans and other animals*. Whether they believed it based on false evidence is something else entirely.

    This article, though, suggests that environmentalists *knew* DDT was harmless to humans and banded together to have it banned anyway, just to be mean.

    What bullshit.

  2. Given the greenies’ track record, I’d say you’re the one who’s probably bullshitting us.

  3. cbfox says:

    It’s quite simple for you to determine whether or not I’m bullshitting you. Look up each of the words I’ve written in a dictionary. Make sure you understand each and every one.

    Next, move on to phrases… then sentences, and finally entire paragraphs. Be sure you understand them clearly. You should, for they are written in simple language and form a logical, easy to understand argument.

    Look folks… nothing up my sleeves, no man behind the curtain, no smoke and mirrors…

    …and no ad hominem attacks on folks who use loaded terms like “greenies” to satisfy themselves that they have the superior position and the only right answer.


  4. Sam Q says:

    For counter-arguments (and non-delusional ones, at that), see The DDT Ban Myth and this letter from two researchers in the Parasitology Unit of Murdoch University.

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