school system mission creep

NY Schools Find New Role

“The New York City school system is pushing far beyond the corridors of summer school in delivering free meals, handing out breakfast and lunch for the first time in housing projects, libraries, day camps and church groups to become one of the nations largest summer soup kitchens.” (New York Times, Tuesday)

It’s easier than teaching kids to read.

FEE Timely Classic
“The Origins of the Public School” by Robert P. Murphy


2 Responses to school system mission creep

  1. Silvia says:

    “We’re really trying to expand our scope for the summer,” said Eric Goldstein, who became chief executive of student support services four months ago. “We’re trying to get to as many kids as possible. If there are kids there, we want to be there to feed them.”

    Because food is somehow related to school in what way? They’re becoming surrogate families, and then we eventually won’t need families at all. Thanks for finding this.

  2. Jeff Molby says:

    I work with school lunch programs, so I’ve seen this trend developing. The logic is that the kids receiving free or reduced lunch throughout the school year will starve if the school doesn’t feed them in the summer too. But yeah, it’s just another layer of welfare.

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