left-wing myths about American Indians

Tom Woods, author of 33 Questions About American History You’re Not Suppose to Ask, has this to say at Mises.org:

“The traditional story is familiar to American schoolchildren: the American Indians possessed a profound spiritual kinship with nature, and were unusually solicitous of environmental welfare. If we are to avert environmental catastrophe, the not-so-subtle lesson goes, we need to recapture this lost Indian wisdom. As usual, the real story is more complicated, less cartoonish, and a lot more interesting.” FULL ARTICLE

If you happen to have been reading this blog forever, you might remember that left-anarchist lawyer lady wrote me a few years back to disagree with my philosophical individualism and my advocacy of private property.

She wrote, “I look to the American Indians, who couldn’t understand the idea of ‘ownership’ of the land.”

My reply to her is here.

I showed the exchange to Tom Woods after I prepared this article for Mises.org. He said, “Right. I can’t speak for all of them, but I know that anthropologists have not found a single New England tribe that held land in common and knew nothing of private property.”

There’s so much schooling to unlearn.


One Response to left-wing myths about American Indians

  1. Vache Folle says:

    Why do you characterize these myths as “left wing”? I reckon that they are pretty much ubiquitously held beliefs whatever the believer’s other political views may be.

    Perhaps the uses of the myths would be different for a right winger. The absence of a conception of private property would perhaps be a justification for dispossessing the Indians.

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