Betrayal of the American Right

The introduction, preface, and first three chapters of Murray Rothbard‘s The Betrayal of the American Right are now available online as web pages. The entire book is available for free as a PDF. The print version is gorgeous and well worth the price. You’ll never think of Left and Right the same way again.

“How many Americans realize that, not so long ago, the American right wing was almost the exact opposite of what we know today?”

Introduction by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Preface to the 1991 Revision by Murray N. Rothbard

  1. Two Rights, Old and New
  2. Origins of the Old Right I: Early Individualism
  3. Origins of the Old Right II: The Tory Anarchism of Mencken and Nock
  4. The New Deal and the Emergence of the Old Right
  5. Isolationism and the Foreign New Deal
  6. World War II: The Nadir
  7. The Postwar Renaissance I: Libertarianism
  8. The Postwar Renaissance II: Politics and Foreign Policy
  9. The Postwar Renaissance III: Libertarians and Foreign Policy
  10. The Postwar Renaissance IV: Swansong of the Old Right
  11. Decline of the Old Right
  12. National Review and the Triumph of the New Right
  13. The Early 1960s: From Right to Left
  14. The Later 1960s: The New Left

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