Adolf Hitler woulda coulda shoulda

You might have expected the World-War-II-was-necessary crowd to have piped up in the comments section of “World War II: The Nadir of the Old Right.” Instead, we find the cliché assertion in “Mises in America” of all places:

Was the outcome of the war known before the United States entered it? After all, Hitler most likely would have conquered Europe without the United States’ intervention.

That’s certainly what we’ve all been taught all our lives: American entry into WWII saved Europe from fascism. But I’ve never heard any argument for this claim, only the claim itself, repeated endlessly.

Is it true?

I haven’t studied the history of WWII so I can’t have an informed opinion, but my undereducated guess is that there’s plenty of reason to doubt it.

Anthony Gregory to the rescue:

Many revisionists, and some others, would argue that as early as August 1941, when Hitler invaded Russia, he was destined to lose. No one has conquered Russia from the east. The vast majority of European fighting was on that front. Hitler couldn’t defeat the Red Army or the Russian Winter. The US entry into the war (most of which was involved in the Pacific) helped to shift the balance to the allies, but this likely only meant that in defeating himself in Russia, Hitler couldn’t exact the same damage upon Stalin’s regime as he would have. So it’s possible US entry only helped Stalin survive. But Hitler would have lost that war regardless. At any rate, given that he couldn’t cross the English channel and defeat Britain, it’s very hard to fathom how he could have taken both England AND Russia and the rest of Europe. Indeed, Britain wasn’t even using all its military might to beat back the Nazis — it still maintained its own overseas empire all over the world, not as violent as Hitler’s, but more expansive. If Britain had really needed to, it could have relied on that. But it didn’t need to bring those troops home. Hitler couldn’t beat the British, and he couldn’t conquer Russia, let alone all of Europe.


2 Responses to Adolf Hitler woulda coulda shoulda

  1. obidon says:

    seems so easy in retrospect to deliver these opinions as “facts”.

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