The Theory of Education in the United States

  1. Introduction: Education vs Training
  2. Dissatisfaction with American “Education”
  3. Tinkering with the Mechanics of Education
  4. The Educational Theory of Equality and Democracy
  5. The Literate Citizen
  6. Classical Education
  7. Training, Diluted Science, and Big Numbers
  1. Drugstore Education
  2. The Great Tradition
  3. Sound Theory and a Reasonable Precision in Nomenclature
  4. But What of the Educable?
  5. Gresham’s Law
  6. Vested Interest in Bad Theory
  7. Conclusion and Reassurance
  8. <!–

  9. Notes
  10. –>

[The Page-Barbour Lectures for 1931 at the University of Virginia.]

“There is no possible compromise with an unsound theory; nature always steps in and exacts her penalty.”

“Perhaps we are not fully aware of the extent to which instruction and education are accepted as being essentially the same thing.”

“The doctrine of equality has regularly been degraded into a kind of charter for rabid self-assertion on the part of ignorance and vulgarity.”

“Is it not clear that the whole difficulty lies with the theory upon which we are trying to erect a workable system?”

“The philosophical doctrine of equality gives no more ground for the assumption that all men are educable than it does for the assumption that all men are 6 feet tall.”

“As far as I know, there does not exist a university or an undergraduate college, in the traditional and proper sense, anywhere in the country.”


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