Buckley Revealed

Today’s featured article at Mises.org, “National Review and the Triumph of the New Right,” was written in the early 1970s, when the Vietnam War and a Nixon White House had already convinced many libertarians that Buckleyite conservatism was as or more dangerous than the Establishment Left.

But 20 years earlier, many individualists embraced young William F. Buckley, Jr. as a future leader of the resistance and a fellow enemy of the State.

Twenty-six-year-old Murray Rothbard was one the very few able to congratulate himself "for treating the Buckley Boom on the intellectual Right with considerable skepticism."

Rather than "a welcome newcomer to the libertarian ranks," wrote Rothbard, “Buckley is really, in 1952 terms, a totalitarian socialist, and what is more, admits it.” FULL ARTICLE


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