the campaign just got interesting

Apparently, the only way I’ll write about political candidates is when one of them endorses a comic book hero.

This was sent to me by my friend Clinton:

Mon Dec 10, 2007 — by Martha Thomases

Presidential candidate Ron Paul picks his super-hero favorite

Exclusive To ComicMix!

As part of the run-up to the presidential primaries next year, ComicMix asked Texas Congressman Ron Paul who his favorite comic book super-hero might be. We think this is at least as revealing as their favorite movies, favorite books, or favorite chocolate-chip cookie recipes.

Candidate Paul, running for the Republican nomination on a Libertarian platform, was happy to respond. From Congressman Paul:

“My favorite comic book superhero is Baruch Wane, otherwise known as Batman, in The Batman Chronicles. “The Berlin Batman,” #11 in the series by Paul Pope, details Batman’s attempts to rescue the confiscated works of persecuted Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, from Nazi Party hands.

“Batman’s assistant Robin writes in the memoirs, “[Mises] was an advocate of individual liberty, free speech, and free thinking… and so, should I add, the Berlin Batman.” Batman, a Jew in hiding in Nazi Austria, was willing to risk his life for the sake of the promulgation of freedom, and I find this to be super-heroic.”


3 Responses to the campaign just got interesting

  1. Black Bloke says:

    A friend named Clinton, eh?

  2. bkmarcus says:

    Not the former president.

  3. Bill Clinton is something like my 5th cousin by marriage. My late uncle and he were on a first-name basis.

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