What If Public Schools Were Abolished?

“There are decent public schools and terrible ones,” writes Lew Rockwell, “so there is no use generalizing. Nor is there a need to trot out data on test scores. Let me just deal with economics. All studies have shown that average cost per pupil for public schools is twice that of private schools. If we could abolish public schools and compulsory schooling laws, and replace it all with market-provided education, we would have better schools at half the price, and be freer too. We would also be a more just society, with only the customers of education bearing the costs.” FULL ARTICLE


2 Responses to What If Public Schools Were Abolished?

  1. Are You Sure? says:

    That’s not totally true and there are problems either way. In some way’s I support the idea and other ways I don’t. One of the main reasons republicans support the removal of public schools has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with religion. Most private schools are religious. The public schools represent a counter to their ideological indoctrination which many young people would have to be put into if that was the only school available in their area.

    The other problem is that poorer families will opt out totally. Why pay for something you can’t afford? That isn’t totally true but at least in America I live in education isn’t seen as very valuable. At the age of 15 many will be forced finished with their schooling and be thrust into the job market by their parents.

    I personally also went to a private “religious” school because that is what my family wanted. It was unfortunate because the public schools would have given me far better access to good education. I had to make up a lot in college which made things very difficult.

    As long as globalization is running around we are going to need the public schools. People must be educated otherwise they become a burdon to society. Or should we just let them waste in the streets.

    There are a million other things we could do away with. Though I do believe teachers unions and other powerful lobby’s are actually causing more harm than good.

    So many problems but this one should be down the list. I would just be happy with removing the federal government from forcing federal requirements and letting each state choose how they handle the situation.

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