On Jun 10, 2008, at 7:19 AM, neural wrote:

(Be sure to click Next Page at the bottom… it’s a three page article, but that isn’t initially obvious.)


I’ve heard the term “seasteading” but I hadn’t yet looked into it.

Murray Rothbard dismissed such schemes as “anarcho-zionism,” emphasizing that libertarian goals had to be pursued in the world of industrial-level division of labor, but I find the pirate radio introduction compelling. The point isn’t necessarily “a place to escape the state” so much as it is, as the article says, a lowering of the barriers to competition. It would be nice if “government” could become a voluntarily acquired service in the context of competition, rather than the coercive territorial monopoly of the nation-state.

I understand why Rothbard discouraged the science-fictional fantasies of lifestyle libertarians, but I’m not ready to dismiss these schemes, especially as they become ever-more focused on practical issues.


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