and we're back

Thanks to this web page and this video (and especially thanks to neural who is my long-suffering and ever-patient Mac guru), there’s a new, bigger hard drive in the Mac Mini and my family’s blogs and websites are back online on the correct machine, now upgraded to all the most recent software.

Hosting sites on a dying laptop is kind of cool, but it’s nice to have everything back where it belongs.

(The local fixit shop told me $60 for a 60GB hard drive and $70 for an hour’s labor. I found an 80GB hard drive for $40, and I decided not to charge myself for labor. There are always opportunity costs, but I’m willing to call this a hobby, so it gets filed under consumption rather than capital investment.)


2 Responses to and we're back

  1. neural says:

    Welcome back!

  2. vulcanhammer says:

    Nice work on doing the job yourself. I should probably start a “disaster” plan with my PC too.

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