antisecession hysteria

And they can’t even claim it’s “really about slavery” this time.


She actually considered breaking up the union: thought crime

September 2, 2008 10:56 AM by Jeffrey Tucker | Other posts by Jeffrey Tucker | Comments (0)

Alaska only became a state in 1959, but somehow we are supposed to believe that it is part of the enternal natural law that it should always and everywhere be part of the union, and any thought to the contrary–the mere thought!–is grounds for permanent exclusion from public office.

Such is the implication behind the completely bizarre claim that Sarah Palin’s involvement with the Alaskan secession movement amounts to a disastrous revelation for the McCain camp.

Why precisely this is such a horrid thought is never explained. Alaska would surely be better off, and does anyone in the other 49 states really believe that some calamity would befall the U.S. if Alaska became independent? It’s nuts. Separating off territories from a mother country is at the very core of U.S. history and its founding, and we really saw many examples of peaceful secession in the old Soviet Union.

But somehow in the U.S., the very idea that the existing configuration of the nation state should ever be diminished by a single inch is a great taboo. And why? Because the media tell us so.

This book on secession clearly needs broader circulation.


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