call to Austrolibertarian homeschoolers

If you are a past, present, or future homeschooler, a libertarian, and a fan of the Austrian school of economics and economic history, please get in touch with me. A handful of us are trying to decide how organized to be, and that decision will depend, in part, on our numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you are secular or religious, a creationist or an evolutionist, a practitioner of the Trivium or a diehard unschooler; what matters is that you are antistate and pro-Austrian (and I’ll even take “suspicious of statism” and “Austrian friendly”). If you are, you’ll probably care about teaching the subjects of history and economics, which I’m guessing will be the primary focus of whatever group we form.



8 Responses to call to Austrolibertarian homeschoolers

  1. Bill Starr says:

    We have been home schooling for about 11 years, I hold libertarian views, and I am definitely a fan of the Austrian school.

    Bill Starr
    Columbus, Indiana
    Thu, 25 Sep 2008, 6:54 am EDT

  2. Mike Ruff says:

    I don’t have any children, but I’m definitely an Austrian (hung out at Mises for 2 years) and I work as a tutor–and I specialize in home scholars and I’m a fan of unschooling methods.

  3. I was unschooled, I’m antistate, and I’m attempting to educate myself in Austrian economics. Through my family (still involved in homeschooling) I have connections to a lot of New Hampshire homeschoolers, many of whom may hold similar views. Let me know what you plot!

    flyingturtle ( at ) deepeningdays ( dot ) com

  4. Silvia says:

    Well, I guess I fit the parameters. :) I’m still not very knowledgeable about the economics side of things, but I’m definitely libertarian. Plus we unschool.

  5. Jim Fedako says:

    Good luck homeschooling.

  6. Gil Guillory says:

    Interested. Past homeschool teacher.

  7. Gail says:

    Count me in.
    Definitely an unschooler family here. I find more and more I’m very Libertarian.
    I’m just not so familiar with economics. However, When my sister talks to me about Austrian Economics I agree.

  8. Michael Van Beek says:

    I’m a teacher in a classical academy. I’ve used the Trivium and I’m a classical liberal. I’m interested in exploring how to better educate via in the austrolibertarian style.

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