some bailout haiku

Great Greater Greatest
Depression strikes because of
Corporate welfare.

Greater Depression
Economic fascism
Socialism wins

Corporate welfare.
Citizens know who to blame:

It’s simple, really:
marginal utility
also works with cash.

Federal Reserve.
How many coups are hidden?
1913 was.

Spend your money now
Dollars piled in wheelbarrows
Fractional reserve

Cantillon effects:
mo’ money mo’ money mo’ …
But who gets it first?

Richard Nixon said,
“We are all Keynsians now.”
Look where it got us.

The Austrian school
of economic theory
has taught them nothing.

Back-room deal, Plan B:
If at first you don’t succeed
threaten martial law

(Update: please note John Kyle’s additional bailout haikus in the comments below.)

And a visual via Anthony Gregory:


4 Responses to some bailout haiku

  1. jody says:

    Bailout haiku! Brilliant! Thanks for that. Here’s a bailout video that made me laugh:

  2. John says:

    Very nice, B.K.

  3. John Kyle says:

    helicopter fueled
    bernake begins his quest
    paper rain cuts me

  4. John Kyle says:

    greenspan MIA
    banks collapsing in the night
    now bernake weeps

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