pub pot pie and a pint

Great post, Carolyn. Brought back many memories, from my longtime love of my Oma’s burnt peas (she isn’t English, but she is a British citizen, so perhaps the paperwork has something to do with the culinary influence) to my very fond memories of pub lunch breaks in the middle of a long day of hiking through the rain — pot pie and a pint!

Like you, I recall quickly moving from English to Indian food during my visits in the 1980s. Good food memories, but not good English-food memories.

When Nathalie and I were in Scotland in 2001, I asked a waiter why the food was so much better than I remembered it. He said that British chefs were now being trained in France to cook English and Scottish food: local ingredients, local recipes, French training. Very smart.


2 Responses to pub pot pie and a pint

  1. Hilary says:

    I was born in England, and I was a most reluctant eater of anything until I came to the U.S. The exceptions were shepherd’s pie and steak and kidney pie. I also enjoyed the Scottish food of my grandparents, which was somehow not as dismal as English food

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