the future of antiquity: Google map of Ancient Rome

I learned about this one from an mailing:

Just Perfect for Us: Google Map of Ancient Rome

Wednesday November 12, 2008

Google Earth has made possible a vision of Imperial Rome in 320 A.D. (Constantine‘s time) showing more than 6000 3-D buildings. If you already have Google Earth you’ll know it allows you to zoom around to all corners of the earth and see at least the vision from above of distant lands. This new “gallery layer” goes back further. You need to download Google Earth 4.3 and supposedly find the Rome 3-D within the Gallery layer. Unfortunately, my computer seems to be too old for it, so I can’t tell you anything more. If you successfully download it, please post your comments about the Google 3-D map of Rome here.


2 Responses to the future of antiquity: Google map of Ancient Rome

  1. No a todo says:

    Thank you very much for the information.

    I have just downloaded Google Earth 4.3 and have taken a look at its contents. Since I become crazy when I get a map or something like that (for instance Google Earth itself), I’ve been checking this new version for a long while.

    You can see where the ancient buildings were, can find information about them, see pictures and reconstructions, …

    If you just need an excuse in order to buy a new computer, this is a great one. It’s really impressive. And I suppose (and hope) they will get it better in future.

    By the way, let me say that I read your blog everyday since a long time ago, and have learnt very much.


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