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The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs

By Sarah Scrafford

While we at WebPreneur typically try to steer clear of politics, it is clear that issues such as net neutrality and controlling the size and scope of government are of increasing importance to web entrepreneurs. Thus a growing number of web entrepreneurs are expressing new found interest in libertarian principles. So to assist those of you interested in educating yourselves further, we’ve sorted through thousands of sites and selected the best of the best for what we believe to be the top 100 libertarian blogs arranged by category.


These blogs offer a broad look at the Libertarian view of the world.

  1. Hit & Run: Check out Hit & Run to read Libertarian news from the popular magazine Reason.
  2. Radical Centrist: This Libertarian discusses freedom.
  3. The Broken Spectrum of the World: Stephen’s blog covers politics, world news, government issues, and more.
  4. The Bell Curve: On Rex Bell’s blog, you’ll find writings about politics, life, and more.
  5. The Agitator: Radley Balko is a senior editor for Reason magazine and a former policy analyst with the Cato Institute.
  6. KN@PPSTER: Read Thomas Knapp’s blog for a Libertarian viewpoint.
  7. spb: Shane Brady shares his Libertarian views on politics, current events, and more.
  8. from Reason to Freedom: This weekly Libertarian magazine focuses on reason.
  9. The Vaccine for Ignorance: This blog will make sure you’re not kept in the dark.
  10. Independent Libertarian: This regular Joe writes about society, politics, and more.
  11. Crazy for Liberty: Check out this blog to learn about different Libertarian candidates, groups, and more.
  12. ComicsPundit: Shawn Levasseur writes about liberty and comic art.
  13. Libertarian Hotties: On Libertarian Hotties, you’ll find Libertarian news with a side of cute.
  14. Blessings of Liberty: Read this blog to find Libertarian commentary of a number of different topics.
  15. Point vs. Counterpoint: This blog covers a variety of subjects in a debate form.
  16. The Free Turkey: Check out The Free Turkey to read the thoughts of an undergraduate Libertarian.

Local Libertarians

These Libertarians focus their discussion on a local level.

  1. Libertarian Party of Allen County: On this blog, you can find lots of news and resources for Libertarians in Allen County, Indiana.
  2. Woking Libertarian: Check out this blog from Matt Davies of Woking, Surrey, UK.
  3. Libertarian Party of Colorado: This blog offers news and views from the state where the Libertarian Party was born.
  4. Free New York: The Free New York blog supports a New York and America free from big government, poliical machines, and special interests.
  5. KC Libertarian: Read this blog to find out what’s going on in Kansas from the Libertarian party state chair.
  6. Libertarian Party of Wake County, North Carolina: Read this blog for news, meetups, and more in Wake County.
  7. Voice for Liberty in Wichita: In this blog, you’ll find individual liberty, free markets, and limited government in Wichita and Kansas.
  8. State Chairman’s Report: This Libertarian State Chairman shares progress and success from Indiana.
  9. Delaware Libertarian: Visit this blog to read the thoughts of a Libertarian in Delaware.

International Libertarians

If you’d like to learn about Libertarianism around the world, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. UK Libertarian Party: Read this blog from Libertarian party members in the UK.
  2. Le Revue Gauche: In this blog, you’ll find a Libertarian left wing analysis of news, history and politics from Canada.
  3. The Devil’s Kitchen: Check out this blog to learn the thoughts of a UK Libertarian.
  4. A Voice for Freedom: This blogger is a Libertarian Canadian living in Wyoming.
  5. The Last Ditch: Read Tom Paine’s blog to learn about the death of liberty in Britain.
  6. Stumbling and Mumbling: Chris Dillow, Author of The End of Politics, discusses problems with current politics in the UK, and what should happen instead.
  7. Freedom and Whisky: This Scottish Libertarian supports the free world.
  8. Cynicus Politicus: Cynicus Politicus offers a radical Libertarian look at UK politics.

The Issues

Read these blogs to learn about specific Libertarian issues.

  1. Keep Us Free: This blogger makes vocal support of freedom.
  2. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Read what law enforcement has to say about prohibition in this group blog.
  3. Outright Libertarians Blog: Check out this blog to learn about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered issues in Libertarianism.
  4. Militant Libertarian: Militant Libertarian discusses guns, politics, and more.
  5. Hoosiers for Fair Taxation: On this blog, you’ll learn about taxation, and what we can do to make things more fair.
  6. Individual Sovereignty: This blog supports the people’s power.
  7. Vote by Issues: Check out this blog to get the details on political issues.
  8. Citizen Crain: Chris is an independent that supports gay rights.
  9. Governing Through Crime: Check out this blog to see a Libertarian perspective on crime.
  10. Campaign Freedom: This blog supports a more fair political campaign arrangement.
  11. More Soft Money Hard Law: Bob Bauer’s blog is all about campaign finance law.

Group Bloggers

Hear from a number of different Libertarian voices through these blogs.

  1. Liberty Maven: On Liberty Maven, you’ll hear a variety of views from libertarian contributors.
  2. Liberty For All: Check out Liberty For All, and you’ll find a variety of posts from different Libertarians.
  3. Red State Eclectic: Read Red State Eclectic to learn more about freedom.
  4. The Volokh Conspiracy: In this blog, you’ll find the views of a number of professors and educators.
  5. Liberty & Power: This group blog offers a variety of opinions on liberty and power.
  6. Last Free Voice: The bloggers on Last Free Voice range from professional writers to philosophical Libertarians.


Learn more about Libertarian philosophy by reading these blogs.

  1. Libertarianism: a Blog: This blog is all about political philosophy from a Libertarian perspective.
  2. Upturned Earth: John Schwenkler writes about politics, philosophy, science, and religion.
  3. Free Form: This blogger concentrates on freedom.
  4. The LRC Blog: On The LRC Blog, you’ll find the discussions of thinker Lew Rockwell.
  5. The Liberty Papers: Written by the heirs of Patrick Henry, this blog covers thoughts, essays, and writings on Liberty.
  6. THINKfuture: The THINKfuture blog offers, news, politics, and Libertarian rants from Chris Future.
  7. Regarding Liberty: This blog is based on the Libertarian ideals of Thomas Jefferson.
  8. The Superfluous Man: Read John Markley’s blog for current politics and political philosophy from a Libertarian perspective.
  9. Tobaccoland.us: This blog is all about philosophy, science, law, and more.
  10. Back to the Drawing Board: In this blog, you’ll find an exploration of Libertarian philosophy.

Libertarian Leanings

These bloggers aren’t Libertarian, but they think a lot like they are.

  1. Liberty Republicans: Liberty Republicans supports restoring liberty and creating more liberty in the Republican party.
  2. Republicans for Barr 2008: These Republicans support Libertarian Bob Barr for his conservative values.
  3. Thoughts from a Libertarian Democrat: Terry Michael’s blog is all about his Democratic/Libertarian leanings.
  4. Freedom Democrats: This blog serves as an online community for Libertarian Democrats.


Learn all about the Libertarian view on economics through these blogs.

  1. JasonPye: Jason Pye is a capitalist that discusses local and national issues in politics.
  2. The Frugal Libertarian: This blog is written for those who want their government and budget to be small.
  3. The Political Market: Here you’ll read about politics and markets from a Libertarian perspective.
  4. The Austrian Economists: These economists subscribe to Austrian thought.
  5. EconLog: Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan write on this blog from the Library of Economics and Liberty.
  6. Mises Economics Blog: This blog is all about liberty in economics.
  7. The Angry Economist: This economist is, you guessed it, angry.
  8. Property Freedom: Property Freedom believes that we should all be able to enjoy the free market and the right to own your own property.
  9. lowercase liberty: BK Marcus is an amateur political economist that writes about individualism.
  10. Capitalism & Freedom: This blog discusses the intersection of economics, liberty, and prosperity.
  11. The Second Great Depression: This blog brings the second great depression to you live.
  12. Free Market News Network: Check out this blog to read all about the free market.

Government Criticism

Find out some of the ways Libertarians would change the government if given the chance.

  1. Belligerati: This Libertarian exposes stupid security measures, bad tools, current events, and more.
  2. Downsize DC: This blog is all about making our federal government smaller and more efficient.
  3. Small Government Blog: The Small Government Blog supports a small government.
  4. Rogue Government: Read this blog if you’d like to learn about government corruption.
  5. Publius Endures: Read this blog to learn about political corruption, interest groups, politics, and more.
  6. The Watchdog Blog: Public Citizen’s Congress Watch publishes this blog to let citizens know what’s going on in Congress.
  7. StrictConstruct: On this commentary site, you’ll find information from those who support a small, constitutional government.
  8. Homeland Stupidity: Homeland Stupidity is all about protecting the homeland from government stupidity.


These blogs will help you stay on top of the news that matters to Libertarians.

  1. Third Party Watch: Third Party Watch reports on the important events and developments for third party candidates.
  2. Disinter: The Disinter blog offers commentary on current events.
  3. Ward of the State: On this blog, you’ll read about the latest news with a Libertarian view.
  4. Kevin Colby: Libertarian political news blogger: On Kevin Colby’s blog, you’ll find news about politics, elections, the economy, current events, and more.


Learn more about the campaigns and views of different politicians through these blogs.

  1. Andrew McCullough’s Blog: Andrew McCullough is running for Attoruney General in Utah.
  2. We Declare: This Libertarian candidate for Indiana governor discusses obeying laws as they’re written.
  3. Andy Horning for Governor: Andy Horning’s blog brings news from the election, local events, and more.
  4. Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog: Read the blog of this write-in Presidential candidate to hear some hard core political views.
  5. Bob Barr: This Libertarian Presidential candidate posts updates on the election and weighs in on the issues.
  6. Ed Angleton’s Rants: This Libertarian candidate for Indiana state representative is also a Jeopardy! 2 Day Champion.
  7. Justice and Fortitude: Timothy Maguire is a politician from Illinois.


These organizations support Libertarianism around the world.

  1. Libertarian Party Blog: On this blog, you’ll find the latest news, ads, and issues from the Libertarian party.
  2. Cato-at-Liberty: Be sure to visit this blog, which is written by a Libertarian thinktank, the Cato Institute.
  3. The Adam Smith Institute Blog: On this blog, you’ll learn about free-market economic and social policies from The Adam Smith Institute in the UK.
  4. Friends of Liberty: This blog encourages readers to support liberty.
  5. Mark W. Rutherford’s Electing Libertarians: Mark Rutherford’s committee, Atlas!Liberty, supports Libertarian candidates and committees.

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