that ol' time anarchy

Robert A. WicksWrites Robert A. Wicks:

I grew up in a black, rural community in Mississippi. …

Those neighborhoods, with their localized anarchy, were nonetheless orderly places. The communities policed themselves through ostracism and familial ties. There was little disorder within anarchy. …

And what do we frequently see in those areas now? Chaos. Disorder. Mayhem. Government. …

What afflicts many American black neighborhoods and communities today is not the absence of rules so much as the natural effects of rules forced upon the unwilling. …

Far from bringing chaos, the anarchic portions of our lives are usually the most peaceful and orderly parts of them.


3 Responses to that ol' time anarchy

  1. Excellent observation, Robert. I’ve had people tell me they used to leave the doors to their houses and cars (in the driveway) unlocked because there was so much trust in their neighborhood. My little suburban neighborhood was similar in that respect.

    George F. Smith

  2. Tom says:

    I agree, however it is difficult to picture a world without a State Authority being peaceful. The people with the biggest guns would become an informal Authority which would go on to become the State. In a Western this realism is depicted quite well, most ordinary family people get pushed around by armed thugs and are unwilling to get together and defend themselves.

  3. bkmarcus says:

    Tom, I fear you’re confusing Hollywood with history. Before you base too much on our standard images of the cowboy era, you might want to look into Terry Lee Anderson and Peter Jensen Hill’s book The Not-So-Wild, Wild West.

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