a new introduction to revisionism

The word “revisionism” is much like the word “hacker.” It started as an insider term with a very specific meaning, but the media got a hold of it, didn’t understand it, and popularized an unpleasant connotation as if it were the definition of the term. Now you have people saying “hacker” without ever remotely wondering if it might mean something that isn’t criminal, just as you have otherwise intelligent, educated people talking about revisionism as if we all understood it to mean something somewhere between a denial of the facts of history and a denial of the Holocaust.

I’ve dealt with this problem on the blog, here and here. But now we can finally point to something much more comprehensive, thorough, and enjoyable to read: Jeff Riggenbach’s American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism. Let’s spread the word and try to get this one read and well known.

Today’s Mises Daily is Riggenbach’s introduction, and LRC ran chapter 1 as their headliner.


2 Responses to a new introduction to revisionism

  1. What is the book’s political viewpoint?

  2. bkmarcus says:

    Francois Tremblay, I’m not sure if this directly answers your question, but the author, Jeff Riggenbach, is a libertarian of the Rothbardian variety:


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