why we want more illegal immigrants

Lew Rockwell writes,

To have an “immigration problem” is enormously flattering for a country. For that problem to go away is a dark cloud, a bad omen, a sign that something is going terribly wrong. The absence of an immigration problem can quickly turn into an emigration problem. FULL ARTICLE


One Response to why we want more illegal immigrants

  1. Phil K says:

    What unadulterated, middle class, “right on” politically correct, pompous bullshit. When you have a country, – say Britain – who has enough problems getting their own people jobs, to be pummelled by a tidal wave of uninvited muslim bigots who no sooner arrive than they’re demanding their own archaic, and often offensive ways to take precedence over the established ways of the country they…invade, actually – and start using the self-serving, corrupt, arrogant twerps like the writer of this article to attack people like myself who dare to disagree as “racist” opr “islamaphobic” (and homophobic for some reason too. Although my guess is their need to protect themselves merges seamlessly into ALL their arguments) The “rights” of the peopple living in Britain already become far LESS important than the new arrivals. Even laws are not enforced.
    Its why conceited idiots like yourself have breathed new life into REAL racist groups. The ones you ranmt against while ignoring muslim extremist groups.

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