modern-day illiterate

An instant-message exchange after I recommended Bart D. Ehrman’s The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot, which I listened to over the weekend:

I read very little outside my job. All my "intake" is audio.
oh that’s right
I keep forgetting
you "read" all this sophisticated and complex stuff, I keep figuring it’s print
I keep encountering the claim in early-Christian history that most people who knew these texts were illiterate, but not necessarily uninterested. And so they’d have the texts read to them, usually in groups.
Other than the group part, that sounds like me and my iPhone.
I’m like a modern-day illiterate.
One benefit for Nathalie is that I volunteer to do pretty much anything that allows me to focus and listen: shopping, errands, dishes, dinner, yard work …
Gary North recommends carrying a book whenever you’re out in the world, so you don’t waste time standing in lines or sitting in waiting rooms. That’s what I do, minus the physical book.
I realized the other day that I was standing in an especially slow line at the store but didn’t bother switching since I was interested in what I was listening to.
I like the modern day illiterate claim
you should blog that
will do

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