Will a generation raised on email be more literate?

From Jim Trelease‘s Read-Aloud Handbook:

Although some educators had been complaining about writing scores for decades, it was the mushroom cloud of business e-mail at the end of the 1990s that sparked the greatest change. Almost overnight, corporate America switched from telecommunication to written communication and, in the process, discovered how many CEOs, CFOs, and mid-level executives couldn’t string ten words together in a coherent sentence. Corporations were suddenly spending almost $3 billion a year to teach college-educated employees how to write, but the crisis was so deep it was often a case of “the blind leading the blind,” like this request to an online writing consultant:

i need help i am writing a essay on writing i work for this company and my boss want me to help improve the workers writing skills can yall help me with some information thank you.[34]

[34] Sam Dillon, “What Corporate America Cannot Build: A Sentence,” New York Times, December 7, 2004, p. A23.


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