Asimov's guides

Asimov's guides

I’m very unhappy to learn that all three of these books are out of print.

I’ve posted many times about Asimov’s Guide to the Bible.

I’m now very much enjoying Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare.

I’ve just ordered a used copy of Asimov’s Guide to Science.

It’s starting to seem to me as if I could build much of a classical homeschooling curriculum out of these three books.

I regularly want to give them as gifts.

How can they be out of print?


One Response to Asimov's guides

  1. John says:

    In much better Asimov news, it warms my heart to see his best novel, The End of Eternity, is back in print and going on sale next year! What a shame and an embarrassment to our IP system that it was out of print for so long. B.K. and all his readers: you really want to read this book. It’s his only book about time-travel, and it’s brilliant.

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