open Yale course

I’m very much enjoying “auditing” this course:

This is the third Hebrew Bible course I’ve listened to. (The first two were from Modern Scholar and the Teaching Company, respectively.) This is the first one to teach me more than Asimov’s Guide to the Bible did.


3 Responses to open Yale course

  1. KoRee says:

    Turning away from atheism?

    Or are you listening to them for business instead of pleasure?

  2. bkmarcus says:

    KoRee, I’m fascinated by the Bible, Old Testament and New.

    It’s pleasure, not business, but that doesn’t make it religious or even spiritual for me.

    I’m similarly drawn to Homer’s Iliad. I don’t worship Zeus, either.

    Think of it as a remedial self-education in the roots of Western civilization.

    (By the way, my impression is that there are plenty of atheists, broadly defined, in the field of historical-critical biblical studies.)

    Is this reply disappointing or reassuring?

  3. KoRee says:

    Makes sense. I’m certainly not disappointed.

    Religion fascinates me as well, despite my agnostic stance.

    Good point on Zeus/Iliad as well.

    I suppose it does make sense now: Anarcho-capitalists tend to know more political theory than most statists, Austrians tend to know more about, say, Marxism than most Marxists, and atheists are better versed in religious studies than most theists.

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