Mises.org and the Christian Science Monitor

What an amazing fan letter:

Dear Mr. French,

First of all, we have to tell you that your "Mises" blog is fantastic. The breadth of subject matter, the depth of scholarship, and the overarching wit and sense of humor distinguish it from virtually every other blog in its space. We know that’s not news to you, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else. As a matter of fact, we were stunned that it was not chosen to be among the Wall Street Journal’s Top 25 Economics Blogs. (They certainly weren’t paying attention to your Alexa U.S. traffic rank of 4,854!)

We have spent months researching economy blogs and "Mises" stands out for posts that are intelligent and educational without being pedantic. And even though you are coming from a very distinct point of view, you don’t beat readers over the head with it. You address timely topics and explain in them in layman’s English (mostly).

We are also impressed that your writers do their own writing and thinking in stark contrast to so many economics "bloggers" who merely cut and paste the work of others, making only the minimal creative effort of putting a headline and single-sentence comment on it.

Your range of topics is mind-bogglingly broad, from economic policy and healthcare reform to WWI, pornography, intellectual property, music piracy, advertising, public education, labor unions, nuclear energy, mobile phones, and on and on. The selection of topics virtually guarantees readers will find something compelling, informative and, often, entertaining every day.

Your headlines are real gems as well. Some of our favorites:

  • "Global temperature Changes Caused by Postage Stamp Increase"

  • "What’s Wrong with Advertising on the Moon?"

  • "Michael Moore Kills Capitalism with Kool-Aid"

  • "How Mao Dealt With Green Shoots"

  • "Keep Your Self-Righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food"

  • "If We Don’t Recover, It’s Your Fault"

  • "Green Baptists Preach Salvation by Breaking Car Windows"

Your writing style is approachable and often conversational, inviting the reader in for a chat as opposed to a lecture. Your writers craft many memorable lines but here are some of our favorites:

  • "So there we go, the typical NYT theory that we are all as stupid as Pavlovian dogs, but governments are as smart as Pavlov."

  • "Moore is a rather simple guy. He is likable. He sees the world as good guys (people with no money) and bad guys (people with money)."

  • "’Goddess of the Market’ by Jennifer Burns just arrived. I ripped open the package and got stuck reading and reading and reading. The emails, phonecalls, and IMs just had to wait."

  • "So when you look up at the night sky, instead of seeing the same old "Man in the Moon" face, you could see the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s arches. And what’s wrong with that?"

We very much enjoy your blog and would like to give you more exposure here in the United States and around the world.

We are John Wilpers, global blog coordinator, and Laurent Belsie, Money editor, for The Christian Science Monitor, an award-winning international news organization that covers news and feature stories from every corner of the globe. The Monitor has won hundreds of journalism honors including seven Pulitzer Prizes and more than a dozen Overseas Press Club Awards

Earlier this year, the 100-year-old Monitor became the first nationally circulated newspaper to replace its daily print edition with its website plus a weekly print and daily e-mail edition. Nearly 2 million readers visit the Monitor’s website every month and that number is growing significantly.

To keep the momentum going, we are expanding. We are looking for enlightening, informative posts from bloggers writing about the economy. And we were pleased and excited to find the "Mises Economics Blog."

We would like to extend an invitation to you for your blog to appear on the Money page of csmonitor.com as part of a family of high-quality blogs we are assembling there. We would be co-hosting your blog, running it on our site in parallel with your own, although we would link back to you for all comments and interactivity.

What we offer here is more impact and visibility through a larger audience that wants to understand what’s going on, craves a global context, and tends to be very rich in C-level executives and people with graduate educations. We hope further for a multiplier effect by aggregating a number of high-quality economy blogs that will draw more readers for each other.

We’d like to discuss a possible partnership.


John Wilpers, Global Blog Coordinator

Laurent Belsie, Money Editor

The Christian Science Monitor
210 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston MA 02115


One Response to Mises.org and the Christian Science Monitor

  1. VH says:

    Wow! That was a great letter. The CSM is a worthy newspaper.

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