learning as a hobby

It’s worth reading all of this very short post at BarbaraFrankOnline about hiring online tutors in India, but I wanted to excerpt this one parenthetical comment:

Many parents lack confidence in teaching their children math beyond a basic level. I don’t know why this is, since you relearn everything along with the child (at least that’s been my experience.)

I think this all the time when people say, "I don’t think I know enough to homeschool my kids." And yes, I hear that surprisingly often. 

There’s plenty I don’t know, but I assume I have at least the same capacity to learn the subject as my 4-year-old son has. In fact, that’s a big part of the attraction of homeschooling.

In the waiting room outside Benjamin’s karate class this afternoon, I started reading the beginning of the first RightStart Math manual, which the missus is teaching the boy right now. It was fascinating.

Math was always my worst subject. Now is my opportunity to start over.

I realized when Benjamin was still inside his pregnant mama that I didn’t know nearly enough history. I’ve been reading mostly history books (and listening to history audiobooks and lectures) for the past 4 years. Now I’m a born-again history buff, an ardent convert (as this blog surely reflects).

Homeschooling is a perfect choice for the autodidact. And one of my goals is to give Benjamin the education I wish I had had.


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