fairy princess

fairy princessHalloween in our neighborhood is usually anticlimactic. Not enough kids around, and in those years when there are a few kids living in the neighborhood, they tend to trick-or-treat where the action is — which is about half a mile away.

We’d been living here a while already when I witnessed this exchange between my wife and a local kid:

“Trick or treat!”

“What are you?”

“I’m a fairy princess!”

Not much to it, except that the missus learned only then that the local little boy was actually a local little girl.

Now the fairy princess, still local, is a mother of three. She takes her kids out trick-or-treating. We don’t know her name. For us she will always be the fairy princess.


2 Responses to fairy princess

  1. natmarcus says:

    Actually, I still thought she was a boy and I was really surprised by how open-minded “his” parents were (to let him cross-dress for Halloween). I then mentioned it to a neighbor who told me that she was a girl.

  2. DSL. says:

    “She was a boy”

    Also the closing line (@3:15) from “Have You Seen Jackie?” off Psonic Psunspot by The Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC in psychedelic drag).

    Have you seen Jackie?
    He’s a strange strange strange little girl
    Make up on his face and his hair in curls
    Have you seen Jackie?
    She’s a strange strange strange little boy
    Her long black beard is her pride and joy

    Jackie couldn’t decide if he was a girl
    Or if she was a boy

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