The red pill is

Cory Brickner left this amazing comment on the Mises blog:

Having a viable community out there to educate those in liberty and counteract the state’s perpetuating machinations is paramount to the survival of our quality of life. The alternative is slavery. gets the overwhelming majority of the money I donate.

The state is the blue pill. You can take that and be a slave to those that will steal from you, literally violate your body, property, and mind to satiate their special interests.

The red pill is You can learn what it means to be human, to take ownership of your life, to be fruitful and productive, compassionate of others, and comprehend respect for fellow living beings. The red pill is a huge challenge. It is counter-culture because the overwhelming majority of us have learned to desire the state and its promise of giving you something for nothing. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You’ll have to unlearn your desire for bondage and realize the need to educate yourself in liberty. Once you start down this path, your world gets turned upside down, and at the same time clarity fills your mind.

This has been my journey, and I’m sure it is not uncommon. I give to in the hopes that the world will be more free, more humane, and better educated in the future.

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