Riggenbach reads “Flooding the World with Truth”

For our audiophiles, Jeff Riggenbach narrates Doug French’s Mises Daily “Flooding the World with Truth.”

I don’t know about you, but I found Doug French’s article inspiring. I usually hate fundraisers. There’s a reason for the popularity of the word “nagathon” among listeners of public radio.

That’s not how the Mises Institute does things. Instead of incessant pleading, LvMI motivates the troops and boosts morale during the darkest time on the calendar by reviewing how much we’ve accomplished this past year, how completely at odds our strategies are with everyone else’s, and how hugely successful they turn out to be, time and time again.

Doug’s article psyched me up for the coming year. It made me proud to be part of this ongoing effort.

Listening to it now, read in the voice of the institute’s best audiobooks, is newly motivational.

You can support the Mises Institute here.


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