old text + new tech

This article is a treasure trove of useful links:

Old books plus new technology can make modern-day liberalism the most refreshing and interesting movement around, giving the thoughtful young person a welcome alternative to the smug, hidebound intellectualism of the Left and the proud anti-intellectualism of the Right.

– Danny Sanchez, “In Praise of Old Books”


One Response to old text + new tech

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    There is indeed much to admire in the positive aspect of the linked post, in its necessary mission to liberate us, and students at all levels, chained to the desk or otherwise, from the amnesia of presentism, and to expand our range of cultural reference in time, in geographic and linguistic amplitude, and in fulfilling our role in ultimate pursuit not of winning political arguments in snark-filled chat rooms, but of enriching our lives in playing sixteen-dimensional chess in a world where, to most people it seems, checkers is the only game in town.

    My necessary quarrel, though, lies in the author’s leaning toward the opposite tendency, that of an over-reverence for work done in the past, and of a tendency toward a replacement of the narrative Scylla of Progress with the equal and opposite Charybidis of Decline. But that’s a subject for my last 10,001 emails, and their ten times as many links. But of the nobility of the digital-age enterprise, arising from the very present precincts here, of keeping the Promethean bibliographic torches burning in reprinting in divers formats the classics both in social thought and in humanist art, I have, like the author, no doubt whatever.

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