beautiful soup

Benjamin's beautiful soupBeautiful Soup, so rich and green,
Waiting in a hot tureen!
Who for such dainties would not stoop?
Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
– Lewis Carroll

Benjamin makes and eats beautiful soup.

You can find the recipe here.


2 Responses to beautiful soup

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    I recall the evening in the late fall of 1989 when, while a graduate student in the history department at U,Va. (Virginia, not Vienna – Ed.), I attended a potluck dinner at the house of the professor teaching the class on Renaissance Europe in which I was one of a dozen or so among the students. My dish in the Italian-ate meal that evening in the Charlottesville city-state (speaking of which, if this comment Borgia, you can put the remainder in a doge bag) was zucchini baked in some sort of tomato sauce, a recipe lifted, I think, from my genial, eightyish Old-Virginia-stock landlady’s cookbook. My own soups today tend toward vegetable medleys (c, 3 cups broccoli, cabbage, carrot, peas, peppers bell and/or chile, and spinach or such among the cooking greens as kale or collards), with added lentils or beans, a stirred-in egg, a small c. 3-ounce chunk, thinly sliced from frozen, of raw beef or pork roast, and some improvised series selected from such among my standard flavor enhancers as bouillon (powdered or cubed, not gold or silver, or to the second power) grated-from-frozen cheese, cilantro, Creole spice blend (Tony Chachere’s or Zatarain’s), ginger, horseradish, Italian herbs, mustard, onion and garlic either fresh or powdered, sesame oil, sherry (dry or baby, in which latter case the use of four seasons is frankly recommended), sour cream, soy sauce, Sriracha sauce, &c. Thus do I in part shop with the aim* of keeping my daily calories to around 2,000, and my monthly grocery tab to around $100.

    *I said aim; I didn’t say success.

  2. Scott Lahti says:

    New food book gives readers a lot to digest

    After taking the Time to read that headline during that portion of this busy News Week devoted to US News, I skimmed the Highlights of the story before taking my car to a couple of the more Popular Mechanics in our area and, passing through a slum area on the way, was pleased to emerge minutes later in a neighborhood known for having Better Homes and Gardens than those of its neighbors.

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