4 versions of Bourbon for Breakfast!

The beloved missus just posted this at InvisibleOrder.com:

9781621290759_frontcoverInvisible Order is pleased and honored to have been involved in the production of all four versions of LFB’s new edition of Jeffrey A. Tucker’s Bourbon for Breakfast.

Four versions, you say?

Yes, four versions! This great collection of essays is available not only in a paperback edition but also as an eBook, a multimedia eBook (with videos of the author), and an audiobook narrated by Steven Ng.

And all four versions are in the top-five LFB bestsellers!

Invisible Order worked on all three text versions (eBook, paper, and multimedia) and also helped produce Steven Ng’s audio version (using our “editing” ears instead of pens).


One Response to 4 versions of Bourbon for Breakfast!

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    After “Rudie Can’t Fail” by The Clash:

    [Sing, Jeffrey, sing!]
    On the Route 29 buses
    bk’s sayin’
    So the text won’t read reckless
    We’ve been using editors’ checklist
    200-proofed Bourbon for Breakfast
    Luuud-wiiig can’t fail

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