the real Lincoln in his own words

Just posted at the Invisible Order blog:

Lincoln-Uncensored-CoverThomas DiLorenzo writes today in about an “important new, must-read book,” a “great work of scholarship,” which will help Americans to wean themselves off the propaganda from “politically-correct, heavily state-censored textbooks or movies made by communistic-minded Hollywood hedonists.”

What is this book that brings such high praise?

Why, it’s Lincoln Uncensored of course, by Joseph E. Fallon. (Buy it now, complete with a new preface by Jeffrey Tucker, on

Here’s more of what DiLorenzo has to say about it:

I was taught in public elementary school in Pennsylvania that Abe was so honest that he once walked six miles to return a penny to a merchant who undercharged him (and six miles back home). He was supposedly so tendered hearted that he cried after witnessing the death of a turkey. He suffered in silence his entire life after witnessing slavery as a teenager.…

The real Lincoln was a dictator and a tyrant who shredded the Constitution, fiendishly orchestrated the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens, and did it all for the economic benefit of the special interests who funded the Republican Party (and his own political career). But don’t take Joseph Fallon’s or Thomas DiLorenzo’s word for it. Read the words of Abe Lincoln himself. That is what Fallon allows everyone to do in his great work of scholarship, Lincoln Uncensored.

We’re prouder than ever to be the producers of Joseph Fallon’s great ebook. Buy it now.


2 Responses to the real Lincoln in his own words

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    In noticing that a post whose stout refusals of Abrahamic sanctity hit the web the same day that a certain blue-bordered flagship magazine of American ‘wingers posted the antipodally Lincoln-memorialist cover story from its new issue, by its editor and tied to the publication next Tuesday of his book thus, which trails not just the usual blowing heralds of seraphim and cherubim but blurbs from the less-than-angelic choir of the bodyguard media (Krauthammer, Ryan, Kristol, Bennett), I assume the reader will feel free to borrow that laugh track whose economic backstory was chronicled so ably (if not … Abely*) here several days ago.

    *”Too soon?”, as the,Lincoln-lightening laugh-liners ask, to a rim-shot by Deringer, on open-mike night at Ford’s Theatre.

  2. Scott Lahti says:

    Alfred Kazin: “The triumphant North needed proof of its saintliness, and found it in the consecration of Abraham Lincoln. The civil religion that came out of the war turned America itself into a sacred object and ritual demanded that America be its own religion—and that everybody had to believe in it. The Lincoln who never joined the Church became the god of a godless religion. Under the smug Republican administration of Calvin Coolidge, a great temple in Washington was built around a statue of Lincoln seated on a throne. Now the people truly had someone eternally to worship.”

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