Anthony Gregory on the case for independence

From today’s Libertarian Standard:

Americans make particularly terrible imperialists. We are a people who prefer privacy and liberty in our own lives. We are a people with independence and rebellion in our national heritage. Ours is thus an even more hypocritical empire than that of the British.…

[T]he principles of human nature declared to the world from a small Philadelphia gathering 237 years ago were true then, before the US empire was born, and will remain true long after the US empire collapses.

And, as usual, a link back to my post of July 4, 2005:

“anarchist shadow holiday”


One Response to Anthony Gregory on the case for independence

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    I celebrate the Fourth each year, and especially my own Independence from its brummagem and imbecile imperatives, in the solemn recall of the only form of American exceptionalism I’ve ever known – the belief that These United States constitute the first truly tragic among the world’s nations, and thus at the same time and possibly for all time, the only truly comic among them.

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