ApologeticsWithoutApologyWirkman Virkkala has several thoughts to add on capitalist television and lowbrow tastes.

A small sample:

It really did take substantial competition — the proliferation of channels and “networks” on cable and satellite — to bring diversity and new aesthetic life into a now-old medium, “television.” This is the Golden Age of TV right now, and it’s not because government had a program and a budget to make TV better. It’s because government was made largely irrelevant, and competition allowed to flourish.

“Apologetics Without Apology?”


3 Responses to lowbrow

  1. Scott Lahti says:

    “This is the Golden Age of TV right now”

    It is on my monitor, as my round-the-clock laptop feeds these last few weeks have consisted wholly and entirely of playlists of Gleason-through-Bendix Life of Riley seasons and Pennies From Heaven-ly 1930s British dance-band tracks (YouTube), Mar(x)athons of You Bet Your Life, and 21-episode salutes to McHale’s Navy. My last loaded-up Hulu list, from early 2012, alternated between The Adventures of Robin Hood, Evening at the Improv and Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

  2. Scott Lahti says:

    Why Is the Golden Age of TV So Dark?
    “A new book explains the link between the rise of antihero protaganists and the unprecedented abundance of great TV (and what Dick Cheney has to do with it).”

  3. Scott Lahti says:

    As one the whole of whose investment in technology and entertainment consists in a five-year-old used laptop and an Internet connection, and who but for his landlord’s prior supply of a bulky ten-year-old TV and that Work of the Devil calling itself Time Warner Cable, would be content with a 9-inch thrift-shop B/W model whose channels stopped at 13 just in case the Emergency Broadcast System needed to give him a fifteen-seconds’ head s’up on any forthcoming drone strikes in his neighborhood, the present writer found the story below, in its note of a becomingly-swelling comradely cohort especially among those all-important “minority” “communities” so crucial to taking “back” “our” country to a future that, thank Heaven, will never be, among the most heartwarming he has read all this early afternoon:

    Cord-Cutting Continues, Broadcast-Only TV Homes Increase

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