Was FDR a socialist?

I love Anthony Gregory.

And some of his stuff is just too good to be confined to Facebook.

Here’s a meme that the political Left has been promoting:

"They called me a socialist..."

Now, I’d probably have responded to that by pointing out that

  1. while the Fed and President Hoover may have created the Great Depression, FDR made it far worse and made it last far longer than it would have without the New Deal, or
  2. the so-called name calling that labels FDR a socialist is based on an accurate assessment of his policies, which were consistent with both the left- and right-wing socialisms of Western Europe, if not the big red menace of the East…

And that would have been boring and familiar, even if technically correct.

Instead, the brilliant Anthony Gregory innocently accepts the Left’s point and explores it further:

"They also called him a fascist when he threw people in concentration camps based on race, and a warmonger when he firebombed civilians by the hundreds of thousands, and a hypocrite when he oversaw legalizing alcohol only to turn around and ban weed, and a corporatist when he suspended antitrust to force businesses to merge and created the modern military-industrial complex, and a monster when he destroyed crops as people went hungry, and a liberal when he did it all with a smile." ~ Anthony Gregory


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