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lowercase liberty

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July, 2004 [archive]
Aren’t I worth saving?
August [archive]
On Atheism, Agnosticism, and Faith
September [archive]
complementary material (re Gilligan)
3rd-world, uneducated, & primitive (ditto)
defense contractors (re Straw Men)
The Samsara Fallacy
essential to national security
the thing most feared
Radio Free Austria
more on labels
everything bad that begins with A
October [archive]
the C-word
grammatical inversion
look for the union label
economic illiteracy
November [archive]
signals to myself
signal interference
conspiracy theories
liberal anarchism
That Girl!
rising costs
Will the real fascists please stand up?
Thanksgiving & Private Property
The Ministry of Truth
December [archive]
where to begin? [to learn economics]
Let’s put the X back in Xmas!

January, 2005 [archive]
Ivan Illich & Deschooling
Murray N. Rothbard, R.I.P.
dreams can be deceiving (re MLK2)
Monogamy vs. Integrity
the principal principle of principles
February [archive]
In Defense of Referencing Hitler
cigarette money
March [archive]
unemployed former philosophy major
fish-n-chips (w/ fries)
April [archive]
Blanco! Bicho! (Spanish curses from childhood)
I like traffic lights
assertions & assumptions, arguments & fallacies
May [archive]
implied consent revisited
June [archive]
value (Austrian value theory)
what my schooling never learned me
der Fledermaus Mann fängt an (review of Batman Begins)
We are all Bismarckians now.
July [archive]
on goldbugs and free-market money
anarchist shadow holiday (July 4th)
aid kills (Live 8)
economic psychologism
Does Gary North want to stone homosexuals?
there are rights and then there are rights
August [archive]
September [archive]
Pocket Tanks and value theory
why hedge?
paleoliberalism (Anthony Gregory)
circularity and regression
October [archive]
unbroken windows
fiat metal
persuasion & envy
November [archive]
and don’t you forget it! (pledge of allegiance)
1000 points of blight (charity)
whiskey: the patriotic spirit
December [archive]
a buck is a buck is a buck
right behind (biblical literalism and lesbian pornography)
What ever happened to sexy stews? (redone here)

January, 2006 [archive]
politics isn’t pretty
maximize the contradictions [libertarian Maoism]
C is for …
narrow spectra [“serving” “our” “country”]
February [archive]
If I only had a …
Greenspan’s gift to you
homesteading the ephemeral [owning holes in the snow]
March [archive]
April [archive]
babble-on-five [science fiction and the destructivist fallacy]
May [archive]
bombcaps of the world unite
ancap “logo”
just say maybe to drugs
praise through faint damnation [“this is your brain on drugs”]
“…but the free market isn’t free!”
June [archive]
Genesis 3:16
I, extremist
beyond non-aggression [“fair trade”]
July [archive]
Superman as Capital(ist) Good
August [archive]
inflammatory [Walter Williams on The “Good” War]
September [archive]
fighting for the truth
October [archive]
The Swedish Central Bank Prize in Economics [the so-called Nobel]
November [archive]
why not smell a rat? [neoliberal gullibility]
the post-TV generation
December [archive]
lying to the state [the ethics of non-aggression]

January, 2007 [archive]
Le Pen versus Joan of Arc
what were you taught? (Nazis and capitalism)
bordering on the naive (reply to troll)
you’ve tried all the rest …
February [archive]
Dr Frasier Crane on the Constitutionality of Slavery
March [archive]
The 3 Austrian Pigs (And Their Different Rates of Time Preference)
Rothbardian tastes
Goldilocks and the 3 Sovereign Clients of Ursa Mutual
on writing well
April [archive]


suddenly proud to be a TV person


women are from mars, men are from venus (on the libertarian “gender gap”)
May [archive]
dont’ blame the corn god (ethanol)
printing vs writing
that 1 teacher
June [archive]
compared to what? (on schooling)
July [archive]
inconvenient history
August [archive]
the untimely death of Lev Davidovich Bronstein
September [archive]
Persian revisionism
October [archive]
liberty’s debt to celibacy
fetishizing the means
November [archive]
December [archive]
Rooting for Old Man Potter

January, 2008 [archive]

(You can find longer pieces here.)

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